Organic SEO Specialist in Chennai

The Covincers is the name, and when I’m not busy cracking keywords and SEO strategies, you will usually find me spending quality time with my near and dear ones. Part of why I’m in the field of SEO (and by extension, digital marketing) is because of my inherent thirst for performing my best and elevating my client’s business to the top of the rankings on a consistent basis. There truly is a no greater joy for me than to reap the fruits of a well-executed campaign.

Over the years of my work experience, I have picked up valuable skills along the way to ably support my SEO skills. I have learned the nuances of social media marketing and know my way around WordPress and PPC strategies. I’m a thorough professional when it comes to pitching strategies and drafting SEO performance reports, having honed my communication skills along the way. I have managed key accounts and covered all aspects of their SEO requirements, delivering consistent results time and time again.

Make sure these skills are required when hiring SEO professional!

I have a flair for understanding the specifics of clients’ marketing communication needs from an SEO perspective and work well to coordinate with them to deliver what they’re looking for.

In short, I’m your friendly neighborhood SEO analyst.