6 Creative Ways to Promote Your business on Whatsapp

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In today’s world, selling products or services is not the only thing you should do as a business owner, and it would be best if you offered something more than a unique experience or a place people can go. To attract customers, many online merchants are now using one of the most popular mobile apps on the planet, WhatsApp.

A Great Communication

Whatsapp is a great messaging app allowing you to engage with your local customers, suppliers, and partners. Whatsapp is used by B2B businesses to chat and share their brands with prospective clients, calling on their customers to share their experiences using your product. Professional Services firms can also communicate via Whatsapp to strengthen relationships with existing clients or invite new prospects.

In Using a personal Whatsapp, you can do a lot of things, such as messaging and calling your family and friends or monitor whatsapp activities of your dear ones.

When it comes to Whatsapp for business, you can use Whatsapp marketing strategies to promote your business for business purposes. Social media marketers need WhatsApp Business accounts in order to promote their business on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Marketing Benefits

benefits of whatsapp marketing

People often use Whatsapp to send text or voice messages. In fact, there are already approximately 2.44 billion monthly active users on Whatsapp, and it shows no sign of slowing down. 

You can reach audiences on one of the most relevant communication platforms – Whatsapp. There’s no better way to create a loyal and engaged community of users when it comes to customer loyalty. Moreover, you can retain many users through attentively managed marketing campaigns on Whatsapp.

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The security this platform provides for businesses and customers is strong with its easy-to-use interface. Businesses can save a huge amount of money with their free-to-use services.

The marketing cost is lower on Whatsapp, and it helps build more loyal customers resulting in more and better sales. It helps in customer retention as well as keeps customer engagement.

6 Ways to Promote business on Whatsapp

Promoting your business on Whatsapp can be very beneficial to your business. These are some ways you can do it:

Provide Customer Support 

provide customer support 

Providing a customer support deck to reach your customer is challenging for small and starting businesses. With Whatsapp, you can answer any customers’ questions about your business. 

Whatsapp allows you to send and receive all sorts of media files like text, images, audio, and video. You can even provide a quick call, and it creates customer engagement and helps in building trust.

You can use Whatsapp chatbots to send an automatic message when you are not around. Make sure to prepare an automatic response to common question customers asks. This will enhance the customer experiences with your business.

Ask for feedbacks

The message opening rate on Whatsapp is around 70%. You can create questions relevant to your business and message them into groups for customers to answer. Every business needs Whatsapp business to improve customer engagement and customer retention.

The customer’s answers are of great value. With the answers the customer provides, you can understand what they want and improve your business’s service and product.

Influencer Marketing

Whatsapp can be a very powerful marketing tool. One of the best ways to promote your business is by partnering with an influencer. With influencers, create quality content as well to keep your customer.

These days people follow influencers on social media and watch what they are doing. Adding influencers to promote your business will give your business visibility to huge audiences, and this can help you reach your potential customers.

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Creative promotions and offers

You can use Whatsapp to send offers and promotions to the website. 

Offering a product or service with discounts is very necessary. The discounted offer makes customers likely to buy products and services from you. It helps customers will feel good about getting what they want with less money. It also aids in creating a customer base and increasing conversion rates.

Run Campaigns

Run Campaigns on Whatsapp

Running campaigns are very advantageous for promoting your business on Whatsapp. Lots of businesses use this strategy.

One perfect example can be that Colgate ran the campaign and invited people to send selfies with a smile on their Whatsapp number. Doing so, they offered the chance to meet and be styled by Colgate’s ambassador, Sonam Kapoor’s stylist.

Build User’s Loyalty

Whatsapp has more brand loyalty collectively than any other social media. And the most valuable part of any business is loyal customers.

Loyalty is what keeps customer retention. Not only that, the loyal customers will help promote your business to their friends, family, and on social media. They will buy from you as well as bring new customers to your business.


Whatsapp has a huge reach all over the world, with million-active users. You can send greeting messages, broadcast messages, and do many things. With this platform, there are many success stories of businesses. No other social media platform has a loyal following than Whatsapp. 

Above are 6 creative ways to promote your business on Whatsapp. What method has helped you to grow and promote your business? Write in the comment if you have any.

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